Attending a Conway High School Varsity Football Game

What to expect when you attend a Conway High School Varsity Football Game

Online ticketing and entering E. Craig Wall Jr. Memorial Stadium

Please purchase your tickets in advance.  Tickets will be available in advance four days from the date of the game.  Conway Solid Gold Athletic Booster Club members will have the first opportunity to purchase tickets.  There will be a limited number of tickets available.  Once the limited number of tickets are sold out, we will not allow anyone else to enter the stadium.   Horry County Schools Employee Pass holders, SCHSL Coaching Pass holders, Conway Solid Gold Athletic Booster Club All Sports Pass holders, Conway Crazies Student All Sports Pass holders, and Varsity Football Reserved Season Pass holders are not guaranteed a ticket or entry to the game.  Pass holders must purchase their free ticket(s) during the pre-sale time frame for each game.  The pre-sale window will open on Saturday at 8:00 AM and close on Tuesday at 7:59 AM before the home game.  After the pass holder time frame closes, general admission tickets will go on sale.  Pass holders will be required to show their pass and the digital or printed athletic ticket upon entering the gate.

Those who have a Conway Solid Gold parking pass will enter the campus at the light and take a right just after the tennis courts.  Follow the gravel road and park behind the stadium in the Conway Solid Gold parking lot.  You will enter the stadium underneath the home bleachers.  Those who do not hold Conway Solid Gold parking pass and visitors will park in the main parking lot by the school and enter at the ticket booth located in the back corner of the parking lot.   You must wear a mask while on campus.  Please present your mobile or printed ticket to be scanned for entry.  Pass holders must present the pass too.  You will not be allowed to exit and re-enter the stadium.  Please plan ahead.

Varsity Football Tickets are $7.  No refunds are available with the purchase of your ticket(s).  Gates will open to fans 1 hour before kickoff.

Click here if you need to purchase or claim your tickets online.

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Horry County Schools has a clear bag policy for all Football and Basketball games.  More information regarding that policy can be found here.

Concession Stand

No outside food or drinks are allowed.  We will have a home and away concession stand available with pre-packaged items and cold drinks.  Bojangles will be on site selling food and beverage items as well on the home side.  As you wait in line, please maintain 6′ social distancing.  There will be markers on the concrete to remind you to keep your distance.

No tail gating is allowed before, during, or after a game.



The visiting team fans will sit behind the visiting team sideline.  Conway Tiger fans will sit behind the Conway team sideline.  All fans will need to sit in the designated locations marked with the Conway Tiger Logo.  See the pictures below.







In order to maximize the seating capacity we ask that family members sit together.  No one will be allowed to sit within 6 feet of the stairways.  Please do not step on the seats to climb the bleachers.  See the pictures below of the the stairways and stadium seating.




Available seats are 6′ away from all aisles and stairways.  As you select your seats, select those located 6′ away from other families.  If you do not see a decal on the bleacher, you are not able to sit in that seat.  Some sections have the capability to hold larger families.  If your family is smaller, please sit in the sections suited for your family size.  We would like to fill the stadium with as many fans as possible.  Conway Solid Gold members have the opportunity to purchase reserved seating in the middle sections on the home side.  If you are interested in purchasing a reserved seat, please contact the athletic department at 843-488-6080.  The visiting team fans will not be able to sit in the designated seating areas for Conway fans.  Conway Tiger fans will not be allowed to sit in the bleachers behind the visiting team sideline.   As tickets sell out, please do not purchase a visiting team ticket expecting to sit on the home side or vice versa.

The Conway High School Marching Band will be located on the hill throughout the game.  The Conway Crazies Student Section will be located on the hill on the opposite side of the band.  No one other than school and game personnel will be allowed to stand in other locations of the stadium


Please remain in your seat unless using the restroom or visiting the concession stand

We ask that when you enter the stadium, you find a seat and remain seated for the entire game.  You are allowed to visit the restroom and the concession stand, but please remember to stay socially distant and 6 feet away from other spectators.  Do not approach the visiting or home team bench area and stay off the field.  Please wash and/or sanitize your hands frequently to help reduce the spread of germs.  All spectators must wear a mask while on campus.

No one, including children will be allowed to bring a ball or any other equipment to play with during the game.  Balls and other items that could be thrown are prohibited from being brought in the stadium.  No one, including children will be allowed to wander or play while inside the stadium.


E. Craig Wall Jr. Memorial Stadium Seating Chart

Football Stadium Social Distance Seating Chart

Due to social distancing guidelines we will have a reduced capacity in the stadium.  Below and the above link is the seating chart for the stadium.  The blocks that are gray are seats that are not permissible to sit in.  The white blocks are available seats for fans to sit.  The seats available will be marked with a Conway Tiger decal.

After the game

Once the game is over, you will not be allowed to sit/stand in the bleachers or stand walk on the field.  All fans are required to leave immediately upon the completion of the game.  If you are waiting on your student athlete, please wait in your car.


Please stay home if you feel sick

If you feel sick or you have a fever, please stay home.  If you have tested positive for COVID-19 recently or are showing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home.  If you have had close contact with a person who has symptoms of COVID-19 within the past 14 days, please stay home.


Thank you!

We greatly appreciate you attending our athletic events and supporting our student athletes.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we follow the guidelines set forth by the South Carolina High School League.  These guidelines are set to keep our student athletes, coaches, and our communities healthy and safe.  If you have any questions, please call the Athletic Department Office at 843-488-6080.

We look forward to seeing you at the next game!